Why the heat?

Our room is heated to help warm your muscles and allow you to work deeply and safely. The heat and humidity helps to prevent injuries and promotes sweating which flushes toxins from your body.

What if I'm not flexible?

This class is not about how flexible you are now. It’s about giving your 100% effort in the right direction. When you do, you will see the benefits (which include increased flexibility!).

What if I've never taken yoga before?

You’ve come to the right place! This is a beginner’s yoga class. While it’s not easy – it is easy to try. We move slow and safe. All teachers are certified Bikram Instructors trained by Bikram Choudhury himself. We teach the class from the front of the room instructing you what to do, how to do and when to do it.

What do I need in class?

You will need a mat, large towel and water. Nothing less, nothing more. Make-up, gum, keys, bags, shoes, jewelry and phones should be left in your car or in the locker room.

What should I wear?

Running shorts, tank top, sports bra, yoga leggings all work. Avoid loose or baggy clothing. They will be soaking wet and very heavy within minutes.

What should I eat/drink?

You will figure out what’s best for you, but try to stop eating 2-3 hrs prior to class. Hydrate in advance to prepare for class.





If you need to cancel your reservation, you may do so online at least one hour before the class begins, or your account will be debited for the class. If you have a time package (i.e. yearly, monthly or debit) your account will be debited one day.


First-time students will not be admitted late under any circumstances. Other students who are late will not be admitted after 2nd set of Pranayama breathing. After this point Latecomers will not be admitted. No exceptions.


Women should wear leotards or shorts and tank top or jog bra (something you are comfortable sweating in). Men should wear shorts. T-shirt or tank top is optional. No bikini bathing suits or underwear please! Regular bathing trunks are ok. No shoes or socks.

multiple classes

Students are limited to 2 classes per day. if you plan to take two classes in a day, please make sure to take electrolytes and stay hydrated. Triple (3 classes in one day) are not allowed.


Clear liquid only. No colored water or sports drinks. Please, no glass bottles.

lost and found

We keep all found items in studio for one week. We are not responsible for lost articles.


Please keep your body and feet clean when attending class. Please do not attend class with open wounds. No perfume (as some students are highly sensitive and/or allergic to strong scents). Please clean up after yourself. Laundry bins are located throughout studio. Please use recycling bins for all bottles. 

cell phones

No verbal cell phone use is allowed in our studios or locker rooms. Text messaging only please. Please finish up your conversation before entering the lobby and turn your ringers off. At no time are cell phones allowed in the yoga room.


Please consult your doctor before taking classes. A strong regular practice is recommended before becoming pregnant is you plan to practice during your term.